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About BEC


JLTC is an authorised Cambridge Language Assessment Testing Center.

BEC is an abbreviated form of Business English Certificates. A 3-level business English examination, which examines the 4 skills (Reading, Writing,Speaking & Listening) essential for doing business in the International Business arena. The test is used in over 20 countries globally, as a way for companies to benchmark their employees' abilities to
conduct business efficiently in English.  

●    Make recruitment easier: Select job applicants with proven language skills that meet selection and performance criteria.

●    Boost one`s workforce’s English language skills and compete internationally by offering the exams as part of your training and development program.

●    Accepted globally by top multinational corporations like Procter & Gamble, HSBC and AstraZeneca, as well  as education institutions and business schools.

●    Accepted for all categories of UK visa application, including Tier 2 and Tier 4 covering work and study.

●    The exams deliver secure results, which can be checked on line at

●    Internationally available every month at authorized Cambridge English Language Assessment centers.

●    Fit for purpose: High-quality international exams, specifically designed to develop the English language skills job applicants and employees need for success at work. 

It tests Preliminary (B1), Vantage (B2), & Higher (C1) 

Essentially, there is no need for 2 reasons.
1 – In respect of C1 (Higher), it is not a requirement for someone to be proficient in English. This is native-level, almost academic ability. For the workplace, particularly in the developed world, C1 or fluency is the norm.

In developing countries, B2 would normally be sufficient.
2 – Each examination normally covers 1 level above and 1 level below. So for example, were a candidate to be able to show a C2 ability in the C1 examination, there score would reflect that.  

BEC Instructors


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